You are responsible for love

You are responsible for love (for girls)

Pay attention to your girlfriends. For some time now, something has changed in their behavior. They like to collect photos of famous movie actors, singers. They have their secrets. They often talk lively and with great interest. However, the conversation is interrupted immediately, when someone older approaches. Most often, the subjects of these lively discussions are boys. It happens, that girls write messages to boys at school or during breaks. Others write diaries.
You are also interested in all of this, and it is very important to you. After all, it concerns matters of sympathy, friendship, and finally the love of a boy and a girl.

What do you think about the sympathy and friendship between a boy and a girl ?

You become mature

You're not interested in games, you liked so much in your childhood. Currently, you are more likely to be with your friends, colleagues. You look at boys differently. You're not talking about them, that they are badly brought up. Contrary, you see many positive qualities in them. You try to please them. You spend more time on a nice hairstyle, tasteful and fashionable clothing. Sometimes you try to make up yourself, to look even more beautiful.
At your age, sympathies arise between girls and boys. Girls like to meet boys, they like to dance with them, listen to music and songs, to go for a walk, talk. They have great affection for them. They believe every word they say very easily. They like their hair, voice, cloth, external appearance. They often do not notice their disadvantages and negative features. They are ready to commit themselves wholeheartedly to sympathy. It all shows it, that they cease to be children. Transformation, what friends and you see in yourself, require much prudence from you, prudence and vigilance. You become mature. You have to learn to manage yourself, especially feelings, what they awaken in you.
It depends on you to some extent, what will the boy be like, which you like very much. Some boys will want to show off to you. They will want to impress you, gain your appreciation and admiration. If you have high expectations, it and the boy, who loves you, he will try to pull up, be better. He will do anything, if only to please you. Be bold and firm. Demand the boy to respect himself. You can certainly keep the right distance in meetings with the boy. This is where your prudence and maturity will manifest. Do not be afraid, that by doing this you will lose the boy. If he has not really lived up to your expectations - better let him go. You will find better, more valuable. You should know, that not all boys are capable of properly experiencing sympathy and friendship.
To experience true love, you have to grow up now and educate yourself.
Guarding the true love of two people, the welfare of the family and children stands at the sixth commandment of God : ,,Do not commit adultery ". This commandment requires you to master your sex drive now. All abuses are a sin.

You will be a wife and mother

Do you like little children. You like to play with them. This is a feature of motherhood, which develops in you. And you in the future, if you choose the way of marriage, you will have your children. For love, which awakens in you, it strives for growth and such development, so that you can fulfill your role as a good wife and self-sacrificing mother in the future.
The mother's role is not easy. You can find out about it by watching your mother or other women. The mother has to take care of this, that the house is tidy and tidy, that the children have enough to eat and what to wear. A mother's great calling is to introduce her child to the world of faith, teaching children to pray. It depends on it to a large extent, whether the children will live religiously. It all takes effort and effort. Of course, she is not alone in this.
Parents, united by the sacrament of marriage and truly loving each other, they will bear the hardships of raising children together. Family, in which you will be a mother, is to become a "little Church", in which mutual benevolence and goodness will flourish, dedication and sacrifice. Good members of the Church are to be brought up in it, the state and the human family.
You know such families as well, which are in conflict, and even fall apart. It happens with the greatest harm to children. You wouldn't, that such a fate befell your future family. So now, by controlling your feelings and managing your behavior, you can prevent this.
Today, a woman-mother faces wide opportunities for social work. Preparing to be a good wife and mother is by no means tantamount to being locked in the four walls of the house. A well-thought-out participation and commitment to society will help you to properly evaluate your calling to serve, not only your own family, but also fellow men.
Let the Mother of Jesus - Mary be your example of a woman and a mother. Ask her often, that you would also be a good mother in your family in the future, so that you can serve others, how she served. If you have doubts about these matters, it would be good, for you to talk to an adult, who you trust. It could be your mother, tutor, a priest or a prudent older friend. However, towards my friends, who can only joke about these things, boldly take the right position.

How will I answer God ?

You are called by God, to be a good wife and mother. How are you preparing for it today ?
How do you relate to boys ? What do you value most about them ? Do you help them with your behavior?, to become better and nobler ? How often do you pray for the boy, whom you like ? Can you thank God for it?, that he called you to motherhood ? Can you see the Mother of Jesus as an example of a good mother? ? Do you learn kindness and care from her? ?

Consider the lyrics of the song :

“It was as quiet and beautiful as spring,
She lived straight, simply, like us.
She brought God into the world
And new days shone upon the earth amid tears.
Mother, who understands everything,
He embraces each of us with his heart,
Mother can see the good in us,
She is with us at all times.
Today the world needs kindness,
To overcome anxiety and evil,
You need warmth, what life will be golden,
It takes God, so let's bring Him to the people, like her.
Mother, which everything…”

(Muse. and words : Zofia Jasnota).

■ Think :

1. Which proves this, that you are becoming an adult ?

2. Jakie przymioty dziewcząt podobają się chłopcom ?

3. W czym przejawia się prawdziwa sympatia między dziewczętami a chłopcami ?

4. Jak będziesz rozmawiać z dziewczętami o swojej sympatii ?

5. Jakie wymagania masz stawiać chłopcu, whom you will call your crush ?

6. Jaka ma być rodzina, which you will wear in the future ?

7. Jak możesz się przygotować do roli, which you will have in your future family ?

■ Remember :

21. Stajesz się osobą dorosłą — kobietą.

Your interest in boys is completely natural. You are responsible for love, what will arise among you.

22. Jesteś powołana do tego, to be a good wife and mother, if you choose married life. You are preparing for this role now, as you develop qualities, which you will need in the future.

23. Niech twoja rodzina będzie „małym Kościołem”, in which mutual love will reign, self-sacrifice and a true religious spirit.

■ Task :

Compose a prayer for a good husband.

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