Progress and Religion

Progress and Religion

You wonder, what profession to choose, in what direction to continue your education… Through this profession you will want to ensure your existence. You want more than that, to stand out in this profession in the future, do something for other people, for the whole of society. Your profession will connect you with many people, which you do not know yet. Maybe they will be representatives of other nations, and maybe even other continents. In this way, you will join the collective effort of all people for progress. What does religion have to do with all of this? ?

Through progress, man cooperates with God

People are always working to improve their lot. They try to tame nature and use its strength. They make inventions, to make your work easier ; they want to live better, dress up and eat. They fight disease, they are looking for ways to reduce suffering. They develop communication, which becomes more and more convenient - hence mutual assistance becomes faster and more efficient.
More gifted people create spiritual works. They communicate their thoughts and feelings to others : they write, they paint, they sculpt and build. They evoke deep emotions in other people with the use of words, music and art. This is how civilization and culture are created, which affect the spiritual development of all mankind. This material and spiritual development is real progress.
It all happens by the will of God - the Creator. He has given man a mind, thanks to which man is able to process the world and create spiritual goods. God has endowed man with the ability to pass on his achievements to other people. God has called man to cooperate with himself in guiding the world. It is expressed in the words of the Holy Scriptures. : "Multiply, that you should populate the earth and make it subordinate to yourselves " (Gen. 1, 28).

Progress leads to unity among people

Working on the development of the world requires the united effort of all people. People are dependent on and need each other. Maybe you followed a man's flight to the moon ? Do you know, that many people were preparing this flight, and then worked to make it run smoothly.
People feel the need for mutual help, especially in the face of common threats, epidemic, flood, earthquake… Thanks to the media like : press, radio, television, the internet everyone learns quickly of these disasters and rushes to help just as quickly.

Mutual Aid unites people all over the world

What unites people is the defense of human rights and the prevention of universal threats, especially war. People create various organizations to unite their efforts, even international. The largest of these is the United Nations. Thanks to joint efforts, differences between people are evened out and all are united by the unity of thoughts, desires and achievements. In this way, they slowly create one large family.
Striving for unity, so common among people, it is the fulfillment of God's purpose. God wanted unity for all people. Man disrupted God's plan through sin. For sin has shattered and further shatters unity between people, and at times even introduces mutual hostility. However, God continues to implement his intention to unite all people. He did it, when he called Abraham and made a covenant with him, when he entrusted his promises to the chosen people and was reminded of them through the prophets. “And when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son, to gather God's scattered children into one " (by. J 11, 52). God called all people to this unity. God fulfills His purposes even through these, who do not believe in Him.

How will I answer God ?

Just now, when you are preparing for your future profession, you and others contribute to the progress and unification of all people.
When you are at Mass. and in the Eucharistic Prayer you hear the words : “You created man in your own image and gave him the whole world, to serve you alone, as Creator, ruled over all creation " (Eucharistic Prayer IV) and words : "In your mercy, good Father, unite all your children scattered all over the world with you " (Eucharistic Prayer III), God calls you to cooperate in guiding the world and in uniting people.
How will I use my participation in this year's catechesis?, to prepare for this cooperation with God ? How will I use my presence at catechesis?, to meet, how I can contribute to uniting people and to progress ?

■ Think :

1. How do people subdue the earth ?

2. What we contribute to with our work ?

3. Why can we say, that man, by creating culture and civilization, collaborates with God ?

4. When there is a need for cooperation and mutual assistance ?

5. What destroys unity among people ?

6. How God leads people to unity ?

■ Remember :

1. What should human activity on earth lead to? ?

Human activity on earth should lead to progress and the unification of all people.

■ Task :

1. What do you need, that technology would benefit all people ?

2. What kind of believers do you know, who have made progress ?

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