Holy Communion rosary

Holy Communion rosary

The rosary is a really good idea for a communion gift. On the one hand, it is a useful gift for a child, who goes to church often. But apart from that, it's just beautiful, jewelry item. How to choose it?

Let's remember, that it's a child's item. So it's worth making sure, that it will last. Let us not choose gold rosaries, be of weak silver. Such products are more brittle and breakable, which can break the chain.

Let's also check, whether the rosary is carefully made. Do not connect interruption, or decorative caps on the beads do not wiggle. And the beads? Are there any discoloration on them? Or maybe they are dull? This may testify, that the rosary lay for a long time.

Before we buy a rosary, it is worth asking parents, what is your toddler's favorite color. Stones, minerals, whether the glass beads can be of any color. And the toddler will certainly be more pleased with a gift tailored to his taste.


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