Prayers before Holy Communion

Prayers before Holy Communion.

I approach with faith.

I'm getting closer to you, Jesus, with faith, that you are truly present in the Host. Here is the bread, in which you yourself become food for us, Your brothers. This is the sign and memorial of your total Sacrifice to the Father, you want to include us in. I do believe, Jesus, that in this Sacrament you strengthen me with your divine power, that you are giving me a share in your life, which is the life of the Risen One.
I also understand, that you include me in the mystery of brotherly love, which you commanded us at the Last Supper and which should also be the content of every Eucharistic banquet. Strengthen this faith in me.

Strengthen my hope.

I'm getting closer to God, I am to receive God in Holy Communion. God, you are omnipotence and love, therefore I joyfully inspire hope, that I will be one with you, God. You will help me today and every day with your presence and grace, that you promised your followers. Behold, I am with you all the days. Seek the kingdom of God and everything else will be added to you (Mt 28, 20). God, strengthen my hope.

Accept my declaration of love.

my God, hidden in the tabernacle, accept my declaration of love. I love you sincerely for your love, for that, that despite unbelief, indifference and ingratitude of people, you wanted to come and live with us in the church, for that, that in every Transubstantiation you come down to the altar, to be human food and to connect us with bonds of mutual love.
You love us to the end; may I love you with all my heart, in word and in conduct. I want to love you more than I love things, people and myself. I want to love you so much with love, that I may be ready to sacrifice. Make it happen, God, let me persevere in love.

God, I regret.

Most holy God, if you had not called me to Holy Communion., I would not dare to join it, remembering your sins, your unsteadiness, infidelity. Counting on your mercy and trusting in your forgiveness - I apologize for my sins and sins. God, be merciful to me a sinner. Lord, if you want to, you can cleanse me (Mt 8, 2). I don't want sin and this, which leads to sin. I want to please you so much, Jesus, who you love a sinner, and you hate sin.

Come, Lord Jesus.

Prompted by your invitation: Come to me, all of you, Jesus, emboldened by you, warrant: Take and eat - I am going to Your holy table and as You longed to eat this Passover - a holy feast with us - I also desire the most living Bread., who came down from heaven, I want to live in you and for you, to live forever. Come, Lord Jesus (Mt 11, 28, 26, 28; J 17, U, 21).

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