Prayer intentions to St.. Rity

Prayer intentions to St.. Rity.

To, for what we want to pray to St.. Rity, depends on ourselves. It can be a prayer for health to your loved ones or your own, for success in the family or for a safe trip. Together, we can take care of ours prayer intentions. Join the people, who pray to St.. Rity. Leave your intention here and trust Saint. Ricie.

22 thoughts on “Prayer intentions to St.. Rity”

  1. I am asking for prayers for my brother, that he will stay at work and work diligently and receive the grace of spiritual peace.

    1. Św Rito pomóż uratować moje małżeństwo , potrzebujemy własnego mieszkania, nie stać nas na nie, zdolności kredytowej brak potrzebujemy Twojej pomocy orędowniczko w sprawach beznadziejnych.

  2. I am asking for the intercession of Saint Rita for the glory of the merciful and almighty God, all my God-given intentions came to fruition. God bless Sylvia

  3. Saint Rita, I am asking for my son Michael: for peace of mind, health, the light of the Holy Spirit and the successful passing of the Matura exam in mathematics. He's worried about it, he lacks self-confidence, he is a good and worthy man, who has plans and dreams. May God give him grace every day and people with kindness.

  4. Saint Rita, let me get a job with wonderful people who teach me something, guide me and be true friends

  5. I am asking for the grace to save my marriage. I am asking you to deliver my husband from evil, his mother's toxic influence. Asking him to start thinking for himself and become good to me and our daughter. And also a request for the gift of motherhood - a request for a second child. I would like to be a mother again, for our daughter to have a sibling.

  6. Saint Rita, please save our marriage, for a change of heart and conversion of her husband and the rebirth of love and marital fidelity.

  7. For effective treatment, good results of the next CT scan and my mother Małgorzata was cured of cancer metastases. That she would rise from the depression caused by the disease and that the speech disorders caused by the drugs would disappear

  8. For peace in the world and an end to senseless wars.
    For the spiritual revival of the world.
    About conversion.
    For God's power at work, life and all things known to God.
    For help in repair matters in the apartment.
    For health of soul and body.
    Thanksgiving intention for the favors received.

  9. I am asking for support for my daughter and help in her studies, for strength and power in action and for greater self-confidence.

  10. Dear Saint Rita, I am begging for the grace of health for my beloved Karolinka.
    I am also asking for healing our relationship and that we can live together in harmony , happiness and mutual support.
    Intercede for us with God every day.
    Heartfelt God bless

  11. Saint Rita, please intercede with Almighty God, ask for health and prosperity in life for Karolina. Let him meet someone worthy and make a life for himself.
    I wish her happiness.
    God bless you

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