The price of life

What's happening, when a person has an accident ? Then a gigantic race against death begins. Man's life is at stake. How much effort it then costs ! People come in, to donate the blood needed. Radio and television are often looking for drugs that are difficult to obtain, different specialists quit their jobs, to provide professional assistance, etc.. And what is all this for ? Is human life such a great value? ?

Triple Dimension

Personal value of life

Life and health is a great personal value of a person. So much depends on health and life. And getting the right material conditions, and achieving life successes. When health favors, enjoys every success. Without health, contrary, neither enjoys fame, nor fortune. That is why we value health and life so much. “Health and strength are better than all gold, and a strong body than immense wealth " (Cheese 30, 15).

How people value health and physical strength, sports events and widespread interest in them.

The social value of life

Human life and health is not only his personal value. It is also a value of the whole society. Because health makes it easier for people to work for society, for his civilization and culture. Everyone, however, also sick, has the opportunity to enter the history of his nation.

Eternal value of life

There is also a third view of human life : eternity gaze. Man is born for eternity. Death is not the end of his life, but a change in its form. “The lives of your faithful are changing, but it doesn't end " (Preface of the Funeral Mass). Therefore our eternity does not begin with death, but already then, when we come into the world. Then our life and cooperation with God begins, which is to last for all eternity. To, what we do here on earth thanks to our health and physical strength, it has an eternal meaning, it is shaping our eternity.

Concern for health Own

Such a great value of life and health requires proper care on our part. You have to start with the basics, so from this, which is good for health, supports the strength of the body and develops it. Hence, a rational diet is necessary, appropriate clothing, hygienic working and living conditions. A sport that is practiced wisely, gymnastics, tourism, vacation and holidays, all of this restores the spent energies. When the disease comes, we use all means and medicines, to be free from it.
,,Son, in your sickness, do not turn away from the Lord, but pray to Him, and He will heal you. Turn away from sin […] then get a doctor, for the Lord made him, because it is needed " (Cheese 38, 9-12).

Other people

Our concern is not limited to our own health. We are also responsible for the health of other people, though not all to the same degree. And so does everyone, who manages some work and employees, is responsible for it, under what conditions do they work : whether they are safe for life and health. The state also takes care of this by issuing special regulations (Occupational Health and Safety - Occupational Health and Safety). Similarly, who takes care of other people, like educators, parents, guardians, has a duty to take care of everything, which serves the life and health of his pupils. You, too, already share some responsibility for the health and lives of others, when e.g.. you are entrusted with some functions in relation to your schoolmates, during a trip or at a camp, or with siblings at home.
There is a relationship between physical health and human well-being. Therefore, everyone should contribute to a pleasant atmosphere of coexistence with their behavior. Every kind word is important here, good mood, politeness, delicacy, kindness towards others. All of this has a positive effect on our nerves, and then on human well-being and physical health.

How will I answer God ?

You realize now, why do people fight so much for their own and others' life and health. How you contribute to this overall effort ?
Consider, are you planning your classes well, so as not to harm your health. Doesn't concern for your own health and life obstruct your right to your mother's health and life?, father, teacher's ?
Try to bring joy and serenity everywhere.

St.. Tomasz More :
"Please give me, Lord, the health of the body and the ability to preserve it. Please give me a soul, stranger to boredom, who knows no murmur, sighs and complaints. And don't let it, that I should worry too much about this prevailing "something", which is called "I". Lord, give me a sense of humor, give me the grace to understand each other in jokes, that I may have some happiness in life, and he could bestow it with others "
(,,Catholic Guide " 1967, s. 132).

■ Think :

1. Na czym polega wartość zdrowia i życia : personal, social, eternal ?

2. Co robimy, to maintain your own health and life ?

3. Kto i w jakim stopniu jest odpowiedzialny za życie i zdrowie innych ludzi ?

4. Dlaczego pogodne współżycie z innymi wiąże się z odpowiedzialnością za ich zdrowie ?

■ Remember :

35. What is human health and life ? Human health and life is a gift from God, making us useful members of society, and by this we create good that has eternal value.

■ Task :

1. Jak społeczeństwo okazuje swą troskę o zdrowie i życie człowieka ?

2. Jakie masz już dzisiaj obowiązki wobec zdrowia i życia innych ?

3. Wymień ludzi, who devoted their lives to the service of human life and describe their activities.

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