Confession is characteristic of the Catholic religion. It is also called the sacrament of penance. Its purpose is to cleanse the believer from sins, which he confesses during confession. Thus purified, the faithful can receive the sacraments of God, including holy communion.

Most often, Holy Confession takes place in confessionals. This is to ensure the privacy of the confessor and the confessor. The confession is a secret and no one has the right to know it, what the confessor said in the confessional.

Before confession, you should prepare for it. Therefore, it is worth considering carefully all the commandments of God and pondering, whether they were all filled in properly. If not and feel guilty about it, or we know, that we have hurt our neighbor, or God, it is worth telling it to the confessor. This is the so-called examination of conscience.

After examining conscience, you can go to confession. In the confessional you have to kneel down and cross yourself. It should also be said, when you went to confession, and confess sins. After listening, the priest will give us your brief reflection, he will often reprimand and do penance. After making repentance, it is worth trying to make a good resolution, which will make amends to God for your sins.

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