Novena to the Blood of Christ

novena of the blood of ChristNovena to the Blood of Christ.

It is denied by 9 days combined with another prayer to the Blood of Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ, when you returned to the Father forty days after your Resurrection, you told your students, gathered together, wait for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They prayed for nine days, to receive the gift above all gifts, to become true Apostles.

Trusting, that you will give us your gifts and blessings today, we ask you:

Enlighten our mind and cleanse our heart, that we might pray well. Like the Apostles, grant us the grace of persevering in prayer together with Mary. After all, she is the Handmaid of the Lord and "imploring Almighty".

Lord, You said: "Ask, and it will be given to you; look for, and you will find; knock, and they will be opened to you encouraged by your word, we come to you today, to present our requests to you with confidence.

(a moment of silence)

Jesus, we trust in your love and in your mercy, which you have shown us through your Precious Blood. You have always been patient with the poor and the sick, over the scorned and sinners. How you wiped the tears of the widow of Nain, you listened to the centurion's request and rewarded Martha's trust, so give us the joy of your help.

But if our desires are not in accordance with Your will, strengthen our faith. We want to talk to you: " Father, not mine, but let your will be done. Give us confidence, that your plans for us are the best, although we do not always understand them.

Thank you for all of this now, what have you prepared for us, because you are love and everything, what you give to us or what you allow us, it serves us for our sanctification. Amen.

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  1. I am asking you to pray for the miracle of healing Wojciech, his mother and brother,as well as Jerzy and his brothers and their father.
    For God's help in our projects, to protect us from evil from our enemies, misfortune, strat,damage and epidemics.
    Thank you for your prayers.


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