Who is it blessed

Who is it blessed

Blessed are

The concept of the blessed is associated primarily with the Catholic Church. And very well. This is where both the saints and the blessed stand out, the blessed one is of lower rank, if you can put it that at all. In order for a person to be blessed in the Church, there must be a beatification mass, which can only be performed by the Pope. It is not like that, that anyone who wants to can be beatified. The road to holiness is very long and it begins with the death of a person. If various requests and evidence for miracles come to the Vatican through the intercession of a specific person, the process of beatification may open. This one can drag on for years or be very fast as in the case of John Paul II.

Why is the process so long (both for beatification and canonization)? Because the Church researches very meticulously, whether the person was really holy. In the Vatican, the so-called devil's advocate is involved in every trial, who will do anything, so that a person does not become a saint or beatified. This is a very important feature. In addition, scientists of various faiths work in the Vatican, who investigate miracles through the intercession of a particular saint. There is no oversight here. He can be beatified or canonized, who will go through the whole process, and this one is difficult, what is most important, it can go on for several pontificates.

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