Prayer for passing the driving test

Prayer for passing the driving test

Heavenly Father,

I am asking you for grace and support on the day of my driving test.

I know, that I have worked hard and prepared for this challenge, but I can't get rid of the stress and uncertainty. Please, Lord, so that I can maintain peace and clarity of mind at this important moment for me.

Give me strength, so that I can perform all maneuvers confidently and answer exam questions correctly. Let the knowledge, that I got, will be easily accessible to me, and my concentration never fails me.

I also ask you for the examiner's kindness and understanding. Let him judge my driving fairly and recognize my effort.

I surrender myself into Your hands, Lord. I trust, that you will lead me to success and give me the long-awaited driving license.

Thank you for your care and I ask for your blessing.

Saint Christopher,

Patron of drivers, I am asking you for support on this important day for me. Give me confidence and protect me from all dangers on the road. May your care accompany me during the exam and on my future journeys.

Saint Rita,

Patroness of difficult matters, I am asking you to intercede with God. I am begging You for the grace of a positive exam result. May my hard work and efforts be appreciated.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.


remember, that this prayer is only a suggestion. You can freely modify it and adapt it to your needs and beliefs. The most important is, to pray from the heart and with faith in the successful outcome of the exam.

Good luck!

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