The Lord is coming

People strive to improve their living conditions. There is continuous progress, although individuals are dying. Achievements of generations, which are leaving, they serve as a starting point for the next generations. In this way, the efforts of each generation take on value for all people. You could say, that they hold on to eternity. At the same time, the Church teaches about the end of the world and the second coming of Christ. So the question arises, if and what is the relationship between human progress and the science of the end of the world.

"We look forward to your coming in glory"

In the liturgy of the words of the first Sunday of Advent, we read the following Gospel excerpt : ,,There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars, and on earth the fear of the helpless nations in the face of the sound of the sea and its storms. People will faint with fear, in anticipation of earth-threatening events. For the powers of heaven will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man, coming in a cloud with great power and glory. And when it begins to happen, get your spirits up and raise your heads, because your redemption is near. […]
be careful, lest your hearts be heavy with gluttony, drunkenness and worldly concerns, that this day does not fall upon you unexpectedly, like a trap. It will come on everyone, who dwell all over the earth. So stay awake
and pray at all times, so that you can avoid it all, what is to come, and stand before the Son of man " (Luke 21, 25-28. 34-36 ; Gospel of 1 Sunday of Advent C.).

The coming of the Son of man

In the first part of this Gospel, the inspired author wants to instruct believers about this, that Christ will appear visibly for the second time to men. But this time he will reveal himself in all the might of God's majesty. To emphasize this power, the evangelist uses a symbolic language, which we also call apocalyptic. That was the language of the Old Covenant prophets, when they announced the coming of the great "Lord's Day", in which all God's promises will be fulfilled.
And so, when the time for gathering the new People of God will pass, the present world and all salvation history will end. To emphasize the grandeur of this event, the author introduces the elements of nature into the action. With the help of these images, he wants to emphasize, that the second coming of Christ will have an extraordinary significance for the entire universe.
At the same time, the evangelist shows people's behavior. On the one hand, it portends fear and dread among those, who have tied their entire lives only with this transient world. On the other hand, it calls for the trust and joy of those, who are with Christ. For even suffering for them, persecution and various cataclysms are a sign of impending redemption, that is, the final realization of the kingdom of God. Next, referring to the teachings of the Old Covenant prophets (by. From 13, 9-13 ; 34, 4), the evangelist wishes to show, that Christ's final coming in glory will be the complete fulfillment of the prophecies of Fr. ,,the great Lord's Day ", which began with the first coming of Christ. The extraordinary changes occurring in nature at the second coming of Christ emphasize His divine power and authority over the whole world.

A call to be vigilant and ready to meet the Lord

In the second part of the quoted words of Scripture. the evangelist teaches us, that the last day will come unexpectedly. Hence, he calls on everyone to be vigilant and pray, that they could recognize the signs of God's action in the events of the world. Christ is the Lord of all the history of the world,
,,His are times and ages ". He also comes today in the great events of history and in various cataclysms. Therefore, these events should be God's providential signs for believers, with which he wishes to call people to repentance and conversion. The Evangelist calls for conversion and total adherence to Christ, to avoid over-worrying about your own body, to master your senses, that we may be ready to stand before the Son of man at every moment of our lives.

Restoration of the universe in Christ

There are other readings in the liturgy about Christ's second coming (e.g.. Mt 24, 37-44 ; Mk 13, 33-37). By comparing the various statements of Scripture,. we strive to better understand Christ's teaching about his second coming to earth. In all these statements, the authors of precaution, we will find them again later, but cleaned of all dirt, illuminated and transformed, when Christ will give back to the Father the eternal and universal kingdom : the kingdom of truth and life, the kingdom of holiness and grace, kingdom of justice, love and peace " (KDK 39).

How will I answer God ?

In every Holy Mass, especially during Advent, Christ is calling me to prepare for his second coming. How do I attend Mass. ? Maybe I only pray with my lips, and my heart, burdened with sin, is far from the Savior ?

What works fulfilled out of love do I offer to God ? Do I contribute to the progress of mankind by honest work at school and at home? ? Do I realize, that I am also responsible for the final form of the world ?

„Marana tha ! Come Jesus Lord, come down to us in your glory!
Marana tha ! Hear the call, when the ages are fulfilled.
Like dew, chill on thirsty ground, like good bread for a hungry hand !
Marana tha ! Come Jesus Lord…
In the Child, you are revealed to us,
Through the wind, the noise makes you known.
Marana tha ! Come Jesus Lord…
Like a sudden flash from west to east, like a vulture, what falls on prey,
Marana tha ! Come Jesus Lord…
In your Church, where you give yourself to us, Through the bodies, Blood mysterious power.
Marana tha ! Come Jesus Lord…
When we show our love in a circle, you are coming to your earth today.
Marana tha ! Come Jesus Lord, come down to us in your glory!
Marana tha ! Hear the call, when the ages will be fulfilled ".
(Muse. and words : O. K. Ballestrem ; crowd. pcs. St. Sierla).

■ Think :

1. W którą niedzielę roku czytamy Ewangelię o powtórnym przyjściu Chrystusa ?

2. Co chcą wyrazić ewangeliści, when they say

0 nadzwyczajnych znakach poprzedzających powtórne przyjście Chrystusa ?

3. Do czego wzywa nas Bóg w ewangelicznych opisach powtórnego przyjścia Chrystusa ?

4. Kiedy rozpoczęło się odnowienie świata i kiedy osiągnie swą pełnię ?

5. W jaki sposób ludzie mogą współdziałać w odnawianiu świata ?

6. Na czym będzie polegać pełne odnowienie świata w Chrystusie ?

■ Remember :

56. Czym będzie dla całego świata chwalebny powrót Chrystusa na ziemię ? Christ's glorious return to earth will end the renewal of the world and its full transformation into "new heaven and new earth".

57. Do czego wzywa nas Chrystus w Ewangelii o swoim powtórnym przyjściu ? In the Gospel of his second coming, Christ calls us to be constantly vigilant and to prepare ourselves and the world for this moment.

■ Task :

Search in the texts of the Holy Mass. sentences about the second coming of Christ and think about it, what are they calling you to.

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