People are often asked this question : "If you had won a million, would you keep working ?"- Does the job make sense? ?

Who do you work for ?

For the maintenance of my own and family life

Man takes up work, to get the necessary resources to support yourself and your family. In this way he satisfies hunger and thirst. He provides himself with clothing and a roof over his head. It enables, makes your life easier and more enjoyable.
You are already thinking about your profession. For this purpose, you choose the appropriate school direction, you take your school responsibilities more seriously, working not so much for praise or for a good degree, how much to acquire appropriate knowledge and qualifications. In this way, you want to ensure yourself and your future family life worthy of man.

For personal development

Work is also of great importance for the full development of the human personality. It shapes human reason, his will, feelings, his physical and spiritual abilities - reveals new talents and possibilities. Reasonable and diligent work contributes significantly to character development, while an inadequate attitude to work demoralizes a person.

For mutual contact and service to brothers

God created man as a social being. Therefore, work is not only a personal matter, but a social value. Connects people, facilitates networking, exchange of services. Today people want to make a handshake, organize the work of the whole society for the common good. Therefore, when planning your profession, you should take into account the needs of society. A career counseling service will help you with this.
Every job is important, it teaches mutual service and creates an opportunity to demonstrate it. Each opens a person to the needs of the community, in which he lives. And so the work of a janitor or bricklayer is no less valuable than that of an institution director or an engineer. We all live in society, in which one another is needed. Whatever you look at in your surroundings, everything is the fruit of someone else's work. The value of labor lies in it, that we make it with other people in mind, which of its fruits will profit.

For progress

Thanks to work, man discovers new areas for his actions. It contributes to technical progress, economic and social.
Each progress brings new opportunities, work already done facilitates the next one. The further we go in it, it becomes faster, more efficient, more fruitful and useful. In this way, work makes the earth a better and better dwelling place for people, and man does God's command : ,,Make the earth subordinate to yourselves ".

For the realization of God's plan

God made the laws of the world, according to which everything lives and develops. He has given the earth a wonderful power, that he provides food to animals and gives bread to man. However, God entrusts people with the implementation of His plan in detail. He calls them to cooperate in the improvement of created things. God prepared man for this task, bestowing him with a rational will, capable of knowing and carrying out God's purposes. So work is the calling of everyone to cooperate with God. It is an expression of trust, what God has shown to man, made in his image and likeness.

Selfishness at work

Although work is of great value, we often encounter an inappropriate attitude towards her.

Laziness, no responsibility

After a long effort, a hard-working man was allocated a new flat. Enjoyed, that he would finally be able to live comfortably. Unfortunately, it soon turned out, that the new apartment has serious shortcomings. Central heating did not work, A pipe burst at the neighbors on the second floor, water flooded the apartment.
Someone has purchased a new wardrobe, which does not close. Someone else purchased the radio again, which broke quickly. The owner of the newly acquired car had to hand it over to a car service station, etc., after a few weeks.
Where do these shortcomings come from? ? People's laziness and little sense of responsibility, who have sold or cheated on their jobs.

Only money

,,I want a lot of money. Therefore, I will choose this profession, who will give it to me ".
,,I work for money ". You can often meet young people, who think so. They are only interested in one thing : how to get the highest possible earnings.
The myth of being paid for work has prevailed in many people today : day wages, chords, salaries. Man is lost in the pursuit of earnings. He becomes an inferior worker and thus deviates from God's plan. Nothing unusual, that such work does not give him satisfaction, and it harms society.
So you see, that a lazy or irresponsible man, or if those who are only looking for money will never have a proper relationship to work. The source of such an attitude is always selfishness.

Can be repaired

Christ overcame sin and all its effects by His supreme love, an example of his own work and constant service to the needy. He went so far as to give his life as a sacrifice for his brothers. When we prepare to participate in Christ's sacrifice, we pray in the liturgy of preparing the gifts :
,,Blessed are you, Lord God of the universe, because thanks to your generosity we have received bread, the fruit of the earth and of the labor of human hands, which we offer to you, that it may become for us the Bread of Life ".
These words remind us, that by working we participate in Christ's sacrifice and in his victory over selfishness. And participation in the Eucharist is a source of strength to overcome : laziness, selfishness, marriage, etc., which show up in an irresponsible approach to work.
A Christian united to Christ cooperates with others and leaves lasting fruit, which will often be used only by the next generations. But he remembers, that his honest work, performed in the spirit of Christ, despite the feeling of hardship and fatigue, influences the proper attitude to work of other people and helps them discover these values ​​in it, we talked about.

How will I answer God ?

You are associated with Christ through baptism. - You should approach your work in a Christian way. We answer the priest's prayers - from the liturgy of preparing sacrificial offerings : "Blessed are you God now and forever". Idea, or by your work, you are doing, you worship God. How do you treat your science ? Is it really your preparation to serve your neighbor? ? What should you change in your current work relationship ?

,,With you, I want to give my life to serve.
In this service go the whole world.
With you, I want to give my life to serve,
Be like a friend to people, like a brother.
I will go through the toil and toil,
Lead me your way,
Your love, your joy,
I want to sing, My God".
(Muse. and words : sister smile ; crowd. Irena Świda).

■ Think :

1. Who is the person for ?

2. What are the values ​​of a job well done? ?

3. Which prevents a proper attitude to work ?

4. What kind of work does not benefit my neighbor, and your satisfaction ?

5. What should your school work be like, to prepare you for future service to others ?

6. What should be followed when choosing a profession ?

7. What prayer during Holy Mass?. reminds you of the Christian value of work ?

8. How important your honest work is to other people ?

■ Remember :

32. What a Christian Achieves Through His Work ?

A Christian, through his conscientious work, cooperates with the Creator in improving the world, and united with Christ, he serves his neighbor.

33. What fruit does work bear for a Christian ?

Work secures a Christian's existence on earth, it helps to develop and conforms him to Christ.

■ Task :

1. After considering this catechesis, think again, how should a Christian respond to the question posed in the introduction.

2. If you already have a chosen profession, Consider, how you can serve your neighbor in it, society.

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