For a lifetime

For a lifetime

You found out about the break-up of a marriage. You are surprised by this news, because you were careful, that this marriage was a good match. Sometimes such divorce raises discussions about divorce. You hear different sentences, you are witness to quite different positions. Hearing all this, you wonder, who's right. One time, the second time seems right to you.

What is the believer's position towards divorce ? What did God say about it ?

For whose sake ?

FROM ,,Human Sciences ”you know, that the state is interested in the permanence of the marriage. This is because marriage and the family constitute the basic unit of society. You could say, that this is what society is like, what are the families. Every society surrounds marriage and families with legal protection. It includes both spouses, and their children. The permanence of a marriage is therefore essential :

For the sake of the child

Bringing children into the world places serious responsibilities on the parents. They are to enable the child to fully develop.

Healthy and comprehensive child development, both physical and spiritual, individual and social, depends on the feeling of security and constancy. The child hates anxiety and insecurity. All this can only provide a child with a permanent marriage of his parents. Lack of peace and confidence disrupts the child's spiritual development. A child needs lasting love for his development, understanding and feeling. This cannot be provided by an orphanage. When a child is deprived of parental love in its youngest years, it is very painful. Therefore, the necessity to stay in various educational institutions is felt as a disservice by children, they feel deep regret. They feel unfairly deprived of it, what children enjoy living with their parents. Hence, the orphanage, despite the best conditions, is home to many unfulfilled hopes, expectations, dramas… Children abandoned by their parents become frequent ,,mentally disabled ". No wonder then, that you hear so often about the so-called. ,,orphan disease ", which these children are falling for. The welfare of the child therefore demands the permanence of the marriage.

For the sake of the spouses

Conjugal love covers the whole person, gives rise to a desire to live together forever. Loving spouses awaken and develop a sense of responsibility for the future of each of them. It expresses itself in kindness, in confidence, respect for mutual dignity, exchange of thoughts, kindness, in small and small favors, in tenderness.

The happy and harmonious life of the spouses is constantly threatened by selfishness. It can manifest itself in the spouses' everyday life or in looking for contacts with a third party. Unrestrained sexual selfishness is the source of much suffering, disturbances and distortions in family life. It can destroy harmony and marital happiness. The awareness of the durability of the marriage relationship and the awareness of its indissolubility make it possible to overcome initial difficulties, to control the prevailing sexual egoism. This awareness is the school of married life, corresponding to human dignity. The permanence of marriage is therefore required by the good and dignity of the spouses.

Christ restores stability to a marriage

An indissoluble marriage union is a human good. It serves the good of the family, happiness of parents and children, which is destroyed by selfishness. Jesus Christ brought people true love and showed them the way to fight selfishness. When the Pharisees asked Him, is it allowed to divorce my wife, he replied : “What Moses commanded you ?"- They said : "Moses allowed me to write a letter of divorce and dismiss it". Then Jesus spoke to them :

“For the hardness of your hearts he wrote this commandment for you. But at the beginning of creation, God created them male and female : therefore a man will leave his father and mother and be reunited with his wife, and they will both be one body. They're not two anymore, but one body. So what has God joined together, this man should not separate ". Back at home, the disciples asked him about this again. He told them : "Who divides his wife, and takes another, commits adultery against her. And if the wife leaves her husband, will marry another, commits adultery " (Mk 10, 4-12).

Christ, through his death and resurrection, renewed all creation. He also restored the marriage to its former sanctity, dignity and unity. And in words, you have read, announced, that marriage is indissoluble. Therefore, the Church always defends the durability of the marriage relationship. It constantly reminds me, that for the sake of spouses and children, and for the benefit of society as a whole, and even of all mankind, the marriage union is indissoluble. It does not depend on human judgment. By God's will, marriage is a permanent relationship both to God and to society (by. KDK 48).

Sometimes, however, the spouses' cohabitation causes harm to the children and harms the husband or wife. In such cases, separation is allowed, that is, the release of spouses from living together in the family. However, separation does not give the right to contract a new Catholic marriage. The ecclesiastical court decides on separation in individual cases.

There are no divorces in the Catholic Church. However, there are accidents, that a marriage was invalid from the very beginning, that is, there was in fact no marriage, for lack of the necessary conditions for it, e.g.. voluntariness, marital fitness, etc.. In that case, the ruling
only a clerical court issues invalidity. After obtaining a clerical court decision, that the marriage was invalid from the very beginning, the person, affected, they may enter into a new and important marriage with someone else.

How will I answer God ?

You understood better already, that the indissolubility of marriage brings family happiness to children and spouses. This is God's will.
Therefore, preparation for marriage begins long before it is concluded. You are already preparing your future marriage. When you learn to clear up misunderstandings, when you get hold of your urges, especially sexual, when you strive for the comprehensive development of your personality - you are preparing for your happy and lasting marriage.
Also consider this, or your current behavior, your selfishness, not understanding others, a lack of love does not accidentally destroy the unity and permanence of your parents' marriage.
How you try to understand and help the children, which are devoid of a family home ? If you are in this situation yourself, do not give in to regret or discouragement. Watch over yourself ! Yes live, that you may one day provide a happy family home for your children.

Prayer :

,,God, In creating mankind, you wanted unity between husband and wife, bestow your love on spouses, to be faithful to himself, they stayed in peace and lived according to your will, and thus they were witnesses of Your eternal love in the world ".

■ Think :

1. Kto jest zainteresowany w tym, make your marriage last ?

2. Co zapewnia dziecku trwałe małżeństwo rodziców ?

3. Co trwałe małżeństwo daje współmałżonkom ?

4. Co Chrystus przywrócił związkowi małżeńskiemu ?

5. Czy określenie ,,church divorce ”is real ?

6. Co to jest separacja ?

7. Czym różni się stwierdzenie nieważności małżeństwa od rozwodu ?

■ Remember:

13. Co mówi objawienie Boże o nierozerwalności małżeństwa ?

God's revelation tells us, that God made marriage indissoluble, and Christ instructed us again about it.

14. Czyjemu dobru służy trwałość małżeństwa ?

The permanence of a marriage is for the good of the children, spouses and society.

■ Task :

1. Poszukaj w obrzędach sakramentu małżeństwa zdań, which speak of his indissolubility.

2. Za zgodą twoich rodziców zaproś do siebie na Boże Narodzenie lub na Wielkanoc albo przy innej okazji kolegę z domu dziecka.

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