Which perpetuates the brotherhood between people ?

Which perpetuates the brotherhood between people ?

Although all people are equal, however, there are divisions between them ; they are poor and rich, exploited and exploiting, educated and illiterate, starving and living in excessive abundance. Despite so many efforts, differences between people still exist, and even increasing. Why is this happening ? Can these differences be overcome ?

Main human rights

In year 1948 The United Nations has passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It reminded the whole world of fundamental rights, which every human being has and which all human beings should respect. The first human right is the right to life. It is the guardian of human life and this, which serves a life worthy of man. It is a crime to breach this law.

The second human right is the right to freedom. Limiting freedom causes harm to man. Many people defend themselves against it by even giving their lives to defend their freedom. You know such people, who died fighting for their own and others' freedom. Man is guaranteed the right to freedom, that he is allowed to act according to his convictions and his conscience and that no one may force him to do anything. The third fundamental human right is the right to truth. Anyone Can Seek the Truth, to confess and defend it. Man has always looked for the truth about man, about the world, about God. This is not only his right, but also an obligation.
The declaration lists other rights, like for example. the right to be protected from discrimination, the right to respect for human dignity.
The Declaration of Human Rights is a public recognition of universal brotherhood and the equality of all people. It is also a call to respect rights, which for centuries belongs to man due to his humanity.
These rights are matched by the obligation of all people to respect them. It should be given to everyone, what is rightfully his, what he is entitled to. Justice demands it. Violation of justice causes harm. If a man has been hurt, should be fixed.

"I can do everything in it, who strengthens me "

The principle of justice is known to all people. We know, that it should guide human life. However, selfishness, which exists in us, is opposed to justice, can cause harm, and even hate each other. Through baptism, we are included in the saving work of Jesus Christ, who overcame selfishness, injustice and hatred. In this sacrament, Christ not only calls us, but it also makes selfishness under control, strengthening justice and love.
This call is especially relevant in our time, when, despite the general awareness of human dignity and rights, there are still so many injustices. Therefore, the Second Vatican Council recalls :

"Church, guided by the light of the Gospel, has developed over the centuries… principles of justice and equity, concerning both personal and social life, and international life " (KDK 63). „…Although there are justifiable differences between people, the equal dignity of their people requires, that more human and just living conditions would be introduced " (KDK 29). “Let Catholics try to cooperate with all people of good will in promoting everything, what's real, what's fair, what's holy, what is worthy of love " (GIVES 14).

Call it, which the council reminded us, only then will it bear fruit, as it permeates the lives of all Christians, and through them it will reach all people. Some people don't, that universal justice can be established. Once it was also not believed, that slavery can be abolished or illiteracy eradicated. And today it has become a reality.

People who believe in Christ's victory can confidently fight against all manifestations of injustice that arise among people. After all, they are to continue the work of Jesus Christ's love. Above all, however, in their own lives, their relationship to their neighbors should be based on justice and love.

"Each, who acts unfairly, it is not of God, like that, who does not love his brother " (1 J 3, 10). “We have known and believed in love, which God has for us. God is love : and who is in love, abides in God, and God abides in him " (1 J 4, 16).

How will I answer God ?

The whole world is thirsting for and pursuing justice. The success of these efforts depends on respect for fundamental human rights. As a Christian, you are called to spread justice in the world. do you believe, that justice is necessary and possible ? Are you convinced, that without justice, social life is impossible ? do you believe, that fighting for it is absolutely necessary ? How do you relate to human rights, who belong to your family, group of friends, your town or village ? Do you give them the same rights, like your loved ones ? Or maybe you are biased and cannot judge fairly and objectively the achievements of people who are unpleasant or unkind, and even hostile ?

We often forget about justice towards our loved ones. How is your home ? How do you fulfill your duties, that fall on you ? Maybe you are trying to dodge them or lay them down on others ? And at school ? How do you rate teachers' efforts ? How you contribute to the fair distribution of responsibilities in your class ? Truth, that it is difficult to be fair to students who are better or more sympathetic to the teacher? And how many harms will the class suffer? ,,scapegoats " ? A janitor or a cleaner, what they are entitled to ? I will remember these, I have hurt, I will think, how to repair the evil done.

■ Think :

1. What are the basic "Human Rights" ?

2. Why is it so important for social life to maintain justice ?

3. What is the source of injustice in the world ?

4. Who ensures the victory of justice ?

5. Which is reminiscent of the Second Vatican Council ?

6. How baptism makes a person capable of fighting injustice ?

■ Remember :

28. What is the basic law of coexistence between people ?

The basic law of coexistence between people is justice.

29. How do baptized people contribute to the consolidation and spread of justice in the world ?

Baptized people contribute to the consolidation and spread of justice in the world by cooperating with Christ in fighting selfishness, by respecting human rights and removing harm.

■ Task :

1. Read the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and list these rights in your notebook, which you think are most necessary for human coexistence.

2. Think and write, what family justice requires, in class, in a group of friends.

3. Compose the Prayer of the Faithful for universal justice in the world.

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