Mary's participation in the saving mediation of Christ

Mary's participation in the saving mediation of Christ

Jesus' whole life on earth was obedience to the Father out of love. He spoke : “I always do this, what pleases him " (J 8, 29). By doing the will of the Father, he saved all people.
Through the sacrifice of obedience made on the cross, he reconciled people with God. As the "second Adam" in our name, he showed the Father the most perfect love. Thus he became the only Mediator between God and men.
Is it so easy to love God and obey Him as Jesus Christ? ?
Everyone should cooperate with Jesus Christ.
Who of the people first and most perfectly cooperated with Christ in the work of salvation? ? Who would best imitate His obedience to the Father's will ?

Mary collaborates with Christ in the work of salvation

Joseph and Mary brought baby Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem, in order to consecrate him to God according to the law of that time. Then a man named Simeon spoke to Mary :
“Behold, this one is destined for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign, whom they will oppose. And a sword will pierce your soul " (Luke 2, 34-35).
In the words of Simeon, Mary hears the announcement of the sufferings of the Mother and the Son. Her son, Jesus Christ, will be it, which some will follow with all their devotion, the others, on the other hand, will fight against him, they will oppose Him. Jesus' life will therefore be abundant in suffering, but it will be a saving suffering, because it will bring people reconciliation with God. Mary will share in this saving suffering of her Son.
During the Annunciation, Mary agreed to cooperate with Christ in the work of salvation. Then maybe she didn't fully understand it, what awaits her, but she trusted God completely. She said : “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your word " (Luke 1, 38). Thanks to Simeon's prophecy, she better understood the will of the Father. He does not shy away from foretold sufferings. She cooperated faithfully with Christ
for a lifetime. She remained with him in love for the Father and for people. She followed him. She showed kindness to people, just like him. She suffered with him to the end. We see her under the cross, where Simeon's prophecy is finally fulfilled. He does not abandon Jesus in the most difficult hour of his life. She is with him, when on the cross he gives life to the new People of God - the People of the New and Eternal Covenant.
That is why the Council teaches us, that : "The Blessed Virgin went on in the pilgrimage of faith and faithfully kept her union with her Son up to the cross, at which, it did not come to pass without God's decree (by. J 19, 25), She suffered most deeply with her only-begotten and was united with his sacrifice in her motherly spirit…” (KK 58). So Mary, Jesus' mother, she cooperated with Christ throughout his earthly life. The moment, when the Church was born in Christ's death, As Mother, Mary begins to cooperate with Christ, sole Mediator, living and saving in the Church. He still participates in the mediation of Christ. The Council reminds us of this truth in saying, that to : The titles are used for the Blessed Virgin : Advocates, Help of Christians, Helpers (Mediators). You understand these titles like this, that they take nothing away from or add to the dignity and effectiveness of Christ's action, the only Mediator " (KK 62).

The Church honors Mary in her cooperation and suffering with Jesus Christ

The Church calls Mary the Mother of Sorrows and the Queen of Martyrs. He honors her great sufferings, remembering the prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2, 34-35), escape to Egypt (Mt 2, 13-15), Jesus lost in Jerusalem (Luke 2, 44-45), meeting with Jesus on the way to Golgotha ​​and at the cross (J 19, 25), removal from the cross and burial (Mt 27, 9-60). The Church honors the suffering of Mary, Mother of God on the day 15 September, on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. He ponders them on the joyful and painful mysteries of the rosary. He sings about them in Marian songs. He stares at them during the "Way of the Cross" and "Bitter regrets". There is even a special devotion called "The Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Mother".
By honoring Our Lady of Sorrows, the Church emphasizes Mary's participation in Christ's saving suffering. He presents her to us as a model of love for God and our neighbor. We must follow her in accepting suffering in union with Christ. We are to learn from her, how to do the Father's will. Together with her, we are to fulfill better and better our tasks towards the world resulting from our union with Christ.
26 of August 1969 year, on the feast of Our Lady of Częstochowa, pcs. Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, Primate of Poland, he called the priests and the faithful, gathered at Jasna Góra, that they may become Mary's helpers, and thus imitating Mary in her collaboration with Christ. Mary's helper wants to overcome evil with her act of goodness, to hasten more and more the moment of the total triumph of good over evil. He wants to become one with Christ in his sufferings and experiences, as His Mother did by believing, that suffering hides a saving power within itself.

How will I answer God ?
Mary was taken up to heaven and did not cease to cooperate in the saving work of Christ. Thanks to his motherly love, he now cares for us, "Brothers of his Son, still pilgrims and exposed to hardships and dangers " (KK 62). He only wants one thing, that we may come to our homeland, to the Father's house.
She is for us a model of faith and love and perfect union with Christ. She is for us "an example of that maternal affection, which should animate all collaborating for the regeneration of people in the apostolic mission of the Church " (KK 65). We must imitate her.
On the feast of the Mother of God, especially on a holiday 15 September, when we honor her as our Sorrowful Mother, I will learn from her, how to cooperate with Christ. I will ask her, to support me in following Jesus Christ, and above all his obedience and love towards the Father and goodness towards people.

■ Think:

1. Jakie proroctwo wypowiedział Symeon w świątyni jerozolimskiej ?
2. Kiedy Maryja wyraziła swoją zgodę na współpracę z Chrystusem w dziele zbawienia ?
3. W jaki sposób współdziałała Maryja w zbawczym dziele swego Syna ?
4. Kiedy w życiu Maryi wypełniło się w całej pełni proroctwo Symeona ?
5. Kiedy w liturgii czcimy Matkę Bożą Bolesną ?

■ Remember:

41. Jak Maryja współpracowała z Chrystusem w dziele zbawienia ?
Mary collaborated with Christ in the work of salvation through her obedience and love.

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