Prayer for passing the exam

Prayer for passing the exam.

Academic Thanksgiving Prayer.

Lord God,
Thank you for this opportunity to gain new skills and broaden your knowledge.
Thank you, that you will lead me through this time of study to the final exams.
I place all my hopes and fears before you, what's my score.
Show me peace, when I rest and await the results.
Thank you, that I am held securely in your love.
Thank you, that whatever will happen in the future, I will live in Your goodness and I will always walk with You.

Prayer before the exam.

Dear Sir, when I take this exam, thank you, that my worth
it is not based on my merits, but on your great love for me.
Come to my heart, that we may go through this time together.
Help me not only in this exam, but also in many other life trials, which will surely become my lot.

When I am taking this exam, remind me of everything, what i was learning
and be kind to it, what I missed.
Help me stay focused and calm, trusting in facts and in their abilities,
and become convinced, that no matter, what will happen today, You are with me.


Prayer for preparation for studies.

Lord, I know, that you are with me and you love me.
Give me peace of mind, as I prepare for this time of study.
Help me focus on my books and notes,
save me from all distractions, that I would make the best use of this time, which is available to me.
Give me insight, so that I can understand it, what i am learning,
and help me remember it, when the time is right.
First of all, thank you for that, that I can learn
and for many gifts and talents, you have given me.
Help me always use them like this
that they honor you and be fair to me.


Prayer before the exam.

Loving God
be with me now,
when I am preparing for my exams.

Thank you for your many talents and gifts, you have given me,
which you have given me and for the opportunity to learn.

Calm my nerves and anxiety, help me
remember everything, what i was learning,
make it clear and answer the questions
the best I can.

Holy Spirit, be with me during the exam
– and always.


Prayer for the time of study.

Dear God,
The source of all wisdom,
Help me use my time wisely
and my intelligence wisely,
when I am preparing for my exams.
Help me to settle down
Listen to your Holy Spirit
That you, as my loving Spirit,
He put me in a state of prayer
And make me understand
That the highest wisdom
There is awareness, that I am your child.
Help me stay cheerful
So that my work is a true reflection
This deep truth
Mary, Mother of my spiritual life,
Guide me in the ways of your Son,
That my work would help
Change this world for God's glory.


Prayer before study.

Creator of all things,
true source of light and wisdom,
the lofty source of all being,
Let me kindly, that a ray of your shine
penetrated into the darkness of my understanding
and take away this double darkness from me
in which I was born,
the darkness of sin and ignorance.
Give me a keen sense of understanding,
retention memory,
and the ability to understand things correctly and fundamentally.
Give me a talent for accuracy in explaining,
and the ability to express yourself with accuracy and grace.
Indicate the beginning,
guide the progress,
and help with completion;
through Christ, Our Lord.



Prayer for passing tests and exams.

Lord Jesus,
You know, that I am very anxious because of the tests and exams, that await me soon,
and I am asking you, that you may calm my restless, hazy thoughts.
Please, calm my nerves and let me always rely on you.
I am praying, that you in the moment, when I take the exam, he filled my heart with perfect peace, which only comes from you.
Please, also give me clarity of thought and cause, so that my mind remembers everything, what i was learning.
Give me the wisdom and the ability to put my thoughts on paper.
I pray in your noble name,


2 thoughts on “Prayer for passing the exam”

  1. Cudowne modlitwy przeczytałam i pomodliłam się w intencji Hubertusia na jego sprawdziany ,kartkówki, egzaminy wierzę w moc tych modlitw do Boga i Ducha Świętego i Maryji oraz opiekę I pomoc .Bóg zapłać za piękne modlitwy.Opatrznosci Boża, bądź uwielbiony, czczony i czuwający nad nim.Chwala Panu .!!!

  2. Lord Jesus, zlituj się nade mną i moimi bliskimi, aby udało nam się zdać egzaminy w sesji. Pokornie prosimy o miłosierdzie i twoją łaskę, nie opuszczaj nas w tych trudnych chwilach, dodaj nam wiedzy, strength, jasności umysłu na zaliczeniach.

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