The Church honors Mary as a work of God

The Church honors Mary as a work of God

In part III ,,Dziadów ”by Adam Mickiewicz, there is the following scene : in Konrad Jankowski's cell, with a cup of wine in his hand, starts singing a song, in which he blasphemes the name of Jesus and Mary. Konrad interrupts him with words :

"Listen you! these names me before the cup !
I don't know for a long time, where has my faith gone.
I do not mix with all the saints in the litany:
but I will not blaspheme the name of Mary ".

What does Mickiewicz express in these words? ?

Manifestations of the honor of Mary

All nations worship Mary

Everywhere you meet with great reverence for Mary and her name. You can find many beautiful expressions of faith and deep devotion to the Mother of Jesus in history, literature, art and piety of nations.
The greatest painters, sculptors, like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Murillo or our Wit Stoss dedicated their paintings and sculptures to Mary. Likewise, many prominent composers have expressed their devotion to the Madonna in musical works. Latin text ,,Ave Maria" (Hail Mary) perhaps it has the most musical arrangements among other religious and secular texts, and the most famous are ,,Ave Maria ”Gounoda i Schuberta.
There are also poets, who write about Mary with great reverence in many of their masterpieces. Juliusz Słowacki also praises Mary among our national poets, alongside Mickiewicz, Cyprian Norwid, Adam Asnyk, Jan Kasprowicz, Maria Konopnicka, Stanisław Wyspiański and others.
About honor, by which various nations surround the Mother of Jesus, testimony to, inter alia, the numerous churches and chapels dedicated to Mary, and Her wonderful paintings and places of pilgrimage are famous in different countries. To find out about it, it is enough, for example. among the places of pilgrimage, mention such as : Lourdes, France, Maria Zell in Austria, Altosting in Bavaria, Kevalar in the Rhineland (Germany) or Guadeloupe in Mexico. Our main center of Marian cult - Jasna Góra in Częstochowa is also famous in the world.

Hello Mary among unbelievers

Even among non-believers, religiously indifferent, we meet such, who know and admire Mary. In the works of Julian Tuwim, a lyrical poet, we find the stanzas, which he consecrates to Mary. - Franciszek Werfel, Austrian writer of Jewish descent, pursued by the Nazi persecutors, he came across the story of Our Lady's apparitions in Lourdes. Happily saved, wrote a book called. ,,Song of Bernadette ", in which he glorifies the name of Mary.

The Church honors Mary during the liturgical year

The Church honors Mary with a special love. During the liturgical year, she celebrates many solemnities and holidays in her honor : the largest of them is the Immaculate Conception (8 of December), Solemnity of the Mother of God (1 January), Rapture (15 of August). In Poland, we also celebrate the Queen of Poland (3 May) and Mother of the Church (Monday after Pentecost).
Not only on the occasion of festive holidays, but also in every Holy Mass. The Church remembers Mary, asking her for intercession. It also establishes devotions in her honor. The most beautiful month of the year, month of the sun, flowers, greenery, month of joy and life - May - consecrates the Church of Mary. The second month dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary - this is October.

Why do we worship Mary ?

Where is the cause of this, that the cult of Mary is always so alive ? Who is Mary, that ages and generations do not forget her ?

The humanity of Mary

Mary's life was simple, nothing stood out. She came from a chosen people, she was a child, it grew, she lived in a poor town, she went to the synagogue, she worked at home, she lived like all mothers, the wives of this period. This is evidenced by the words of the inhabitants of Nazareth : ,,Is he not the carpenter's son? ? Isn't His Mother's name Mariam, and his brothers Jacob, Joseph, Simon and Jude " ? (Mt 13, 55). Including ordinary, in the gray of everyday life she strove for it, to be human, and it is most human. Mary worked on herself, she wanted to be better and better and she achieved great perfection, that is, the fullness of humanity. In this way, God was preparing Mary for the fulfillment of the task, which in God's plans was destined for her, to which she was slowly maturing through this.

Mary's participation in the work of salvation

God in his saving work assigned Mary a special one, only role : He chose her to be the Mother of his Son. It was She who gave It to the world, which was "the expectation of nations" (Gen. 49, 10) and who redeemed all people. However, Mary not only agreed to be the Mother of Jesus Christ, but with all dedication and love, she dedicated herself to Jesus and his work of saving people. She accompanied Jesus on his earthly pilgrimage, she showed him to the shepherds and the wise, through her intercession at Cana, she obtained the first miracle. Standing under the cross with all surrender, she offered her Son. Today she offers Jesus to everyone in the same way and leads us to him. She thus became the Mediator between Christ and us and the Comforter of these, who turn to her with confidence.
Mary is so connected with Jesus Christ, that we cannot love Christ without loving His Mother, nor worship Jesus without honoring Mary !

Privileges of Mary

Mary, obedient to God's call, cooperates with Christ in the work of saving people. She, one of all people, was fully saved. For from the very first moment of its existence, it was free from original sin. That is why we call her Immaculately Conceived. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus freed her from all evil tendencies. After her life on earth was finished, her body was glorified. She was taken up to heaven in body and soul. She received the greatest glory after Christ - she became the Lady and Queen of the universe.
Mary is the most perfect work of God and the greatest fruit of redemption. She is the highest peak, where a creature can come on its way to God. That is why the Church gives her the greatest honor after God. “Blessed and worshipable are you, Virgin Mary…”

The great honor of Mary

Worship, what belongs to Mary, cannot be compared with this veneration, which is given to outstanding people, famous or deserved. It is even greater than the worship given to angels and saints. - And it can express itself in various ways. The most perfect way, however, is to strive, to become like Mary in your life.

Imitation of Mary

Each of us has a mission to fulfill in our lives. Everyone is called from the moment of baptism. to cooperate with Christ. Therefore, imitating the obedience of Mary, Her love, faith, sacrifice expressed in ordinary, everyday duties - thus we fulfill our mission. How Mary faithfully fulfilled her task, so each of us has to fulfill ours.

How will I answer God ?

Mary shows us, how we can be faithful to God and people in our daily lives and fulfill God's task.
Do I remember, that Marian celebrations and services make us aware, who is Mary, and they invite us to follow her ? So how do I participate in them? ? Do I look for the answer to the question in the texts of prayers and mass readings of these holidays? : in which I can imitate Mary ?
How I take part in various parish Marian actions ? How I use the section in the May services, to come closer to Mary ? How often do I pray the rosary ?
Consider the prayer of the great French poet Paul Claudel :
"Mother of God, here I come to you, not for that this time, to ask you or make a gift, but only for that, to look at you and remember with joy, that I am your child, and you are my mother.
I'm coming, to be with you for a while, My mother. And without saying anything, sing to you from a heart full of happiness :

You are the Mother of Beautiful Love,
You are the Immaculate Virgin,
You are the Mother of God's grace,
You are the most perfect creature, that came out of the hands of the Creator.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mother of God, for that, that you are waiting for me every day, for that, that you are, you exist, just for it. that you are Mary. Mother of Jesus Christ, be greeted " !

Honorary Mary is also expressed by a Polish religious song, arranged by Zofia Jasnota :

“It was as quiet and beautiful as spring,
She lived straight, just like us.
She brought God into the world
and new days shone upon the earth with tears:
Mother, who understands everything,
He embraces each of us with his heart.
Mother can see the good in us.
She is with us at all times.
Today the world needs kindness,
To overcome anxiety and evil,
You need warmth, what life will be golden,
It takes God, so let us carry Him to people as she did.

■ Think :

1. What do you know about the signs of reverence for Mary ?
2. What are the most important Marian celebrations ?
3. Why do we worship Mary ?
4. List special privileges, with which God bestowed on Mary.
5. Justify, why the Church honors Mary the most after God ?
6. Why should we imitate Mary ?

■ Remember :

39. Why do we worship Mary ? We salute Mary, because she is the mother of Jesus Christ and the greatest fruit of his redemption.

40. How do we most perfectly honor Mary ?

We honor Mary most perfectly by imitating her love and obedience to God and devotion to people.

■ Task :

1. Write down the sentences about Mary from the Eucharistic prayers.

2. What Mickiewicz asks Mary for in the first book of "Pan Tadeusz" ?

3. Draw the contours of Poland and mark the Marian towns you know.

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