State community

You are already enjoying some state rights, e.g.. with the right to education, to protect health, from communication and many other socio-cultural services. The state is the common good of citizens, which everyone has the right to use. Is your relationship with the state only about using? ?

The state for the good of the nation

Every nation strives for this, to become free, an independent and sovereign state. Only such a nation, which has an organized socio-economic and political system, creates the state. It is a value for the entire nation. It can ensure the comprehensive development of its members and meet their needs. That is why every nation defends its statehood. You learned about it, how the Polish nation built its statehood throughout history and how it defended it. You know from history, that the Polish nation lived in captivity for many decades, it means, that he was deprived of his own state. He is known for his heroic fight on almost all fronts of the world for this, to become a state on an equal footing with other states.
In lessons you get to know the system, authorities, administration and judiciary. This entire complex system of state organization has one goal - to serve the good of individual people, families and the entire community.

Our common thing

The state is not only administration, offices, but it is a joint effort by an entire nation, in governing and in defense. So can there be a safe country without a trained army?, without compulsory military service ? What harm is causing the country a citizen, when trying to evade military service ? Can a country be rich without honest work ? Without it, there can be no scientific progress, the technical and economic aspect of the country. Construction, health care and many other areas of life cannot develop without citizens fulfilling their obligations.
The state faces many tasks and decisions, which are related to the good of the whole nation and therefore everyone should join in their own way in state affairs. Such inclusion in the tasks facing the country can be called co-governance. It is expressed, inter alia, in elections.
Christians should not be indifferent to matters concerning social life, economic and political country. They are areas of human life, in which Christianity should be realized and made manifest. For this they were called and gifted in the sacrament of Baptism and Confirmation. Christians by living in accordance with their faith and by honest and reliable work, which they do for the good of the country, they give the best witness to God. If Christians are equal to their task, then they will be able to contribute to the improvement of the state and its laws in the spirit of the Gospel.

How will I answer God ?

God is calling you to cooperate in the development and prosperity of your country. You can answer this call today. When by science, work and life religious you are striving for your own comprehensive mental and spiritual development, you are already working for your country today.

Through a deepened sacramental life and gaining an ever greater knowledge of the Gospel, you will be able to impart Christian wisdom in national affairs, and imbibe the lives of the faithful with the spirit of Christ : justice, love and peace.

You are already enjoying some state rights. At the same time, you are bound by the rules : school regulations, traffic regulations, respect and protection of state property.

Prayer over the words of the hymn :

"I won't throw the ground, where is our family from,
We won't bury the speech,
We are the Polish nation, Polish people -
Royal Hub Tribe!
We will not, that we would be oppressed by the enemy,
So help us God !’’

■ Think :

1. Dlaczego każdy naród dąży do ukształtowania się w państwo ?

2. W jaki sposób obywatele przyczyniają się do rozwoju państwa ?

3. Czym powinni odznaczać się chrześcijanie w doskonaleniu państwa ?

■ Remember :

51. Jaki jest cel państwa?

The goal of the state is the common good of its citizens.

52. Jakie obowiązki mają wierzący w stosunku do państwa ?

Believers should be diligent in fulfilling their civic responsibilities, cooperate in creating the common good.

■ Task :

Read the short story by H.. Sienkiewicz Fri. "Purple" and write out the excerpts, which you like best.

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