Prayer to the Mother of God for protection

Prayer to the Mother of God for protection

(Wife's Prayer)

Holy Mother, Mary, I'm glad, that I share the dignity of woman and wife with you. Ask our Lord, Jesus Christ, blessed among women, the sanctity of our marriage. I know, that I have a great task: by personal sanctification to ennoble these, who live with me. I don't want to disappoint God's trust. help me, Mother of beautiful love, love God above all else, learn to pray, commune with God. How much I wish I could, that there would be a religious atmosphere in our home, that we may consider God's will and do it every day.

Put in a good word to your son for my husband, ask for a great grace for us - to serve God in a chaste marriage. Mother of God, keep watch with your husband, st. Joseph, over our marriage and our children - now and in our last hour. Amen.

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