prayer of God's mercyPRAYER TO GOD'S MERCY.

Glorification of the Divine Mercy

God's love is a flower – and mercy is fruit. Let the doubting soul read these statements of mercy and become trusting.

God's mercy, gushing from the womb of the Father

– I trust you.

God's mercy, God's greatest attribute. God's mercy, an incomprehensible mystery. God's mercy, a spring gushing out of the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

God's mercy, unfathomable by any human or angelic mind.

God's mercy, from which all life and happiness gush out.

God's mercy, above the heavens.

God's mercy, a source of miracles and wonders.

God's mercy, embracing the whole universe.

God's mercy, descending into the world in the person of the incarnate Word.

God's mercy, which flowed from the open wound of the Heart of Jesus.

God's mercy, contained in the heart of Jesus for us, especially for sinners.

God's mercy, unfathomable in the establishment of the holy host.

God's mercy, in the establishment of the Holy Church.

God's mercy, in the sacrament of holy baptism.

God's mercy, in being justified by Jesus Christ.

God's mercy, accompanying us throughout our lives.

God's mercy, engulfing us especially in the hour of death.

God's mercy, giving us immortal life.

God's mercy, accompanying us at every moment of our lives.

God's mercy, protecting us from the fire of Hell.

God's mercy, in the conversion of unrepentant sinners.

God's mercy, surprise to the angels, incomprehensible to saints.

God's mercy, unfathomable in all the mysteries of God.

God's mercy, lifting us out of all misery.

God's mercy, the source of our happiness and joy.

God's mercy, in calling us from nothing to being.

God's mercy, embracing all the works of his hands.

God's mercy crowns everything, what is and what will exist.

God's mercy, in which we are all immersed.

God's mercy, sweet relief for anguished hearts.

God's mercy, the only hope of despairing souls.

God's mercy, rest hearts, peace in the midst of fear.

God's mercy, delight and delight the souls of saints.

God's mercy, trust against hope.

O eternal God, where mercy is unfathomable, but the treasure is inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Your mercy in us, that we may not despair or lose heart in difficult times, but with great trust they submitted to your holy will, which is love and mercy itself.

For the incomprehensible and unfathomable mercy of God, Who can worthily glorify you and glorify you. The greatest attribute of Almighty God, You are a sweet hope for a sinful man.

The stars unite into one hymn, land and sea, and in line, gracefully sing God's incomprehensible mercy.

Saint Faustina Kowalska (Diary, 949-951)

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