The keynote of the morning prayer is to pay homage to God. The rising sun awakens everything, what's alive. We see in this an image of God's creative action. Together with all nature, let us adore the giver of life: "Bless the Lord, all the works of the Lord, * praise him and glorify him for ever. Bless the Lord, the angels of the Lord, * bless the Lord, heaven.

Bless the Lord, all the waters of the sky, * bless the Lord, all the powers. Bless the Lord, sun and moon, * bless the Lord, the stars in the sky. Bless the Lord, rains and dews, * bless you. Lord, all winds of heaven. Bless the Lord, fire and embers, * bless the Lord, heat and cool.

Bless the Lord, dew and frost, * bless the Lord, frosts and cold.

Bless the Lord, ice and snow, * bless the Lord, days and nights.

Bless the Lord, light and dark, * bless the Lord, lightning and clouds. May the earth bless the Lord, * let him praise him and exalt him forever.

Bless the Lord, mountains and hills, * bless the Lord, any plants on earth. Bless the Lord, sources, * bless the Lord, sea ​​and rivers.

Bless the Lord, whales and sea creatures, * bless the Lord, all birds of the air.

Bless the Lord, wild animals and livestock,

* bless the Lord, sons of men. Let us bless the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

* let us praise him and glorify him for ever. Blessed are you, Lord, on the vault of heaven, * glorious and exalted forever.”

(Dn 3,57—82 i 56)


Lord God Almighty, you let me live to a new day, strengthen me with your grace. Make it happen, that in the people I meet today, I may see the dignity of God's children and bestow them with love. Help me to bring an atmosphere of kindness and joy into my environment. Let my thoughts, your speech and actions will be according to your will. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


We also face our life tasks every morning. We offer God our work and ask Him for help:

Lord Jesus! I would like to perform the works of today for Your glory and for the good of me and my neighbors. Bless my toil.

You want, so that I am always active. You said too: “Without me, you can do nothing” (J 15,5). Please, that my actions unite with Your immeasurable and perfect action, like drops of water falling into a river. Amen.

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