Do not kill

Life and health are of great value. God stands up for them in the commandment : "Do not kill". This commandment is so obvious, that all people recognize them. And you are deeply convinced of its rightness. Yet it is precisely this commandment that belongs to these, which is most often violated. Do you see, when it happens ?

Costly carelessness


Ignore the danger, play with fire, have fun with the shock, gas, explosive or flammable material, forget about the road regulations, jump into a running tram, train - it is to expose yourself and others to an unfortunate accident. Such recklessness is often the cause of loss of health, and even life. And there, where it is especially easy to have an accident, so on the river, in the mountains, in the forest, during sports activities etc., even a little recklessness can cost you dearly. Special attention is needed on the road. Even a minor breach of the law can end tragically. As a result of the rapid development of motorization, our roads have become a particularly dangerous place for people.
It is difficult to enumerate all possible situations here. Remember one thing : learn to anticipate the consequences of your actions. Think beyond the present moment, but also about this, what will come out of them in an hour, two, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Sometimes it, what are you doing, it doesn't hurt you, but won't it hurt your friend or someone else (e.g.. skidding on sidewalks) ? In that case, even if you do not want someone else's misfortune, you are responsible for them, because you should predict, that something like this could happen.
In all these cases, we are violating the fifth commandment of God : ,,Do not kill".

Punishable carelessness

Technology and machines make life much easier, but they have many dangers to health. So there are special health and safety regulations. Failure to do so may result in your or others being disabled or killed. With the advancement of technology, a new danger arises : poisoning the natural environment of man, rivers and air pollution. It is not only large industrial plants that are to blame for them, car and motorbike users, but also reckless tourists, vacationers, lovers of loud music and noise.

Idea, is it not also a breach of the fifth commandment of God ?


The statistics of road accidents are scary, often disabling or even fatal. Cause ? Mostly alcohol. And the effects of alcohol abuse on the drinker, for the existence and life of his family, especially children ?

Also, nicotine is a threat to health and life, especially at certain times and situations, e.g.. in his youth, in sickness, during pregnancy, at certain classes.

The use of other drugs is becoming a particular threat to health and life today.

Here the violation of the fifth commandment of God is clearly visible ,,Do not kill". - Are they not mortal sins?, which not only destroy health, but they kill God's life in us ?

Cain's sin. Murder

Maybe you have already noticed, how some people try to settle the disputes that have arisen between them. On purpose, deliberately and consciously they end their "settlements" with beatings, hurt, and even homicide. Doing so is a grave sin in the eyes of God and a crime in the eyes of people. It comes from feelings, which are hostile to their neighbor. Therefore, one must not be jealous, be angry with the other, be fierce, hate. All of this is against God's command ,,Do not kill". Christ said : "You heard, that the ancestors were told : Do not kill ; and who would have committed the murder, is subject to court. And I tell you : Each, who is angry with his brother, subject to court " (Mt 5, 21-22).
Happens today, that someone beats or hurts another person. He does it sometimes to show off his strength, for no reason - on a whim. It is a complete disregard for the other person. Doing so is a clear and grave violation of God's commandment and disrupts the social order.


A very grave breach of God's law, when it comes to human life, is deliberate suicide. It happens so, that someone with a painful disease, under the influence of some profession in life, in a very difficult situation - he decides to take his own life. Sometimes it is selfish and cowardly people, who thus shirk responsibility for their own actions. Sometimes, however, mentally ill people commit suicide. The disease makes them less responsible. Willful suicide is a grave sin, because the giver of life is God and only He can decide about its end.

Death of the unborn

Man begins his life in the womb nine months before birth. Even then, he has all the rights of a living person. Therefore, the commandment "You shall not kill" covers this period of human life as well. Termination of pregnancy is one of the gravest sins in our religion, because it's committed on someone, who cannot defend themselves and claim their rights, and he is innocent.

Slow homicide

The teacher is picked up by the ambulance. Heart attack. You know, that her class is extremely difficult. She lived in constant tension of nerves. Do you realize, that is, who annoys their parents, grandma, educators, violates the commandment "You shall not kill" ? To some extent, it damages their health and shortens their life. So does this one, who sows anxiety in the environment, is the cause of disagreement, quarrel, angers, stimulates, jealousy, rebels, he laughs or scolds and complains, or in some other way disgusts others. After all, accidents are known in medicine, that such conditions of intercourse are the cause of nervous diseases, heart attacks, cerebral haemorrhages and other conditions.

How will I answer God ?

Think now, how rich these two words hide : ,,Do not kill". Consider, how many things you have to pay attention to, so as not to harm the second and violate the fifth commandment of God. So ask yourself : if I am composed enough, patient ? How long can I remember resentment and harm ? Can I yield? ? How I feel about another person ? Are you in fun, I am not reckless on trips and do not endanger myself and others ?

Idea, you are shortening your own life by smoking or drinking alcohol ? And what position will you take, when you meet other drugs ? Prayer :

,,We ask you, almighty God, when we are constantly tormented by our transgressions, make it happen, that the Passion of Your only Son would set us free " (Collection, Wednesday W. Weekly).

■ Think

1. Kiedy lekkomyślność jest naruszeniem piątego przykazania ?

2. Dlaczego i jak należy chronić naturalne środowisko człowieka ?

3. Jaką krzywdę wyrządzają człowiekowi i społeczeństwu narkotyki ?

4. Co może doprowadzić człowieka do zabójstwa drugiego ?

5. Jakie są najcięższe grzechy przeciw życiu ludzkiemu ?

6. W jaki sposób człowiek niszczy zdrowie i skraca życie bliźniego ?

■ Remember :

36. What God Forbids in the Fifth Commandment ?
In the fifth commandment, God forbids any harm to the health and life of himself and his neighbor.

■ Task :

1. I will consider, why Pope John XXIII recalled, that the rules of the road are valid in conscience and I will learn the basic rules of the road.

2. Jak przekonać kolegów o szkodliwości alkoholu i papierosów ?

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