Dag Hammarskjold

In the service of peace – Dag Hammarskjold

Press, radio, television broadcasts daily news about human fights, which are taking place at some point on our globe. ,,Constant anxiety in the world, wars and wars without end ”- say the lyrics of the song. Quite humanity still yearns for peace. This is the cause of the United Nations, almost all countries of the world are members today.

W 1953 In the same year, Swedish diplomat Dag Hammarskjold was unanimously elected to the position of UN Secretary General. He accepted this function, but to his friend he said so : "I had to accept, although it's hard. It was my duty ". He accepted this as the rule of his life, what he wrote in the journal :
"Incapacitate death. To idea, which you serve. Idea, which must win, if mankind is to continue to exist. This idea demands your blood. It is this idea that you are to help with all your strength to win. Knowing it, you should be able to smile easily, when they criticize your decisions, ridicule manifestations of "idealism" and condemn it to death, what are you devoting your life to ".

He was faithful to this idea to the end. Until people were surprised, like this man, shy by nature, works on solving current problems. Everywhere, where the "case" required it, He was present, admonished, he was ready to help and advise.

It is present during the crisis in the Middle East in 1955 i 1958 year. W 1959 year trying to solve the crisis in Laos. He's sending a UN representative there. Visits in a year 1960 South African Union, where he tries to convince the government there that racial discrimination is harmful. He is well aware of this, that the solution of already existing conflicts is not enough, but new conflicts must be prevented and world peace must be strengthened. That is why he undertakes a series of trips and talks with the leaders of nations. He comes to the capitals of the Middle East countries many times. W 1959 year visits the countries of Southeast Asia. He visits other countries as well. W 1956 he also comes to Poland.

In year 1960 the world shakes the news of a new conflict, on the fratricidal war in Congo. The Secretary General has since intervened frequently in both Congolese capitals. But despite UN efforts, the conflict is escalating. During one of his peaceful journeys, a catastrophe happened. The plane carrying the UN Secretary General crashed in the wilderness, 10 kilometers from the destination.

"If you gave everything, except for life, know, that your gift is nothing, ”he once wrote in his diary. His sacrifice for world peace was total. He didn't even spare his life. In recognition of his work for peace, St. 1961 The Swedish Academy awarded him posthumously with the Nobel Peace Prize.

At the body of Dag Hammarskjold, lying next to the debris of the plane, Thomas and Kempis's booklet was found ,,0 following Christ ". Soon after, his spiritual journal appeared in print, in which he wrote down his thoughts, issued by a friend. It has been translated into many languages. Among other things, the Polish edition has been published, entitled "Signposts" (Cracow 1967). Then the world found out, where did this man come from, scientist, economist, politician, philosopher and poet drew power and strength to overcome all difficulties and persistently fight for peace. This Protestant was a deeply religious man. His prayers to God are touching :

“May everyone see you - also in me, may I be able to prepare the way to you,
let me thank you for everything, what's happening to me, may I not forget about the needs of other people.
Embrace me with your love, so, as you wish, that I would embrace everyone with it.
May everything, what is inside of me, it may turn to your glory and may I never experience despair.
Because I'm at your fingertips, and in you is full strength and goodness.
I am "Yours" - because Your will is my destiny, sacrificed - because it is my destiny, that you would use me and consume me at your will”. Many of us embarrass Dag Hammarskjöld by deeply understanding the words of the Lord's Prayer. The words in his diary tell us about it :
"Hallowed be thy name, not mine,
Your kingdom come - not mine,
Thy will be done - not mine.
Give us peace with you, peace with people, peace within ourselves and free us from fear ".

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