Jesus Christ reveals the Father to us

Jesus Christ reveals the Father to us

If someone asked you, what is god like, in which you believe and learn so much, what would you answer ?
God, in which Christians believe, he is the Creator and Lord of the whole world. He made man like himself. He gave him a share of world domination. He invited him to live together.
God is the Lord of the Covenant. The People chose it, with whom he made a covenant and through this people wished to reveal himself to other nations.
God reveals Himself to people in all His works. God, in which Christians believe, he is almighty, great and inconceivable. He is merciful, and at the same time he is just.
This is how God revealed himself in the Old Covenant. However, it was Jesus Christ who brought us the full truth about God. What Jesus Christ revealed to us about God ?

God is the Father and takes care of everything, what he created

When teaching about the Kingdom of God, Christ demands from man, that he may strive more for God's Kingdom in his life, rather than your daily needs. For God remembers them.
“Watch the birds in the air : they neither sow nor reap, and they do not gather for storehouses, and your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not more important than they are? ? Who of you, with all your concern, can add even a single moment to your life ? And why do you care too much about clothing? ? Look at the lilies in the field, how they grow : they do not work or spin. And I tell you : even Solomon in all his splendor was not dressed like one of them. So if the herb in the field, which is today, and tomorrow it will be thrown into the furnace, God is so cute, it is not even more so to you, little faith ? So don't worry too much and don't talk : what are we gonna eat ? what will we drink ? what we will wear ? Because it is all the pagans are striving for. For your heavenly Father knows, that you need all of this. Strive first for the Kingdom (God) and for his righteousness, and all this will be added to you " (Mt 6, 26-33).
Jesus reveals God to us as someone very close to us. It shows God as the Father of all creation, and above all, as the Father of all people. God cares like the best Father for everything, what he created. However, he surrounds man with the greatest care and love.
God, which Christ reveals to us, desires, that we may turn to Him with the greatest confidence, as to a good Father (Mt 7, 7-11). He is a merciful Father. It does not reject any man, who sincerely asks for forgiveness (by. Luke 15, 11-32).

“Be perfect then, how perfect is your heavenly Father "

Jesus Christ revealed the Father to us for more than that, we would know, how is he. When Christ tells us about the Father, it calls us, that we may become like Him, that we may imitate God :
"And I tell you : Love your enemies and pray for them, who persecute you ; so you will be sons of your Father, who is in heaven ; because He does, that his sun rises on the bad and on the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust. For if you love them, who love you, what a reward you will have ? Don't the tax collectors do it? ? And if you only greet your brothers, what a special thing you do ? Don't the Gentiles do it? ? So be perfect, how perfect is your heavenly Father " (Mt 5, 44-48).
God is love. He loves everyone and cares for even the smallest of creatures. Is good. You are His child, you should also be kind and kind to all of this, what God created. So when you respect the plant, you look after the animals, and most of all when you are good to another person, then you truly respond to Christ's call. Then you follow God as the best Father.
God is a merciful Father. He forgives people for their sins. You are His child, so you should also forgive and forgive them, who offended you. When you do that, then you most resemble the merciful God.

How will I answer God ?

God, whom Jesus Christ revealed to us as the best Father of all people, he is also your Father. He made you his child, he gave his life. He invited them to cooperate in developing the Kingdom of God on earth. He constantly cares about you. Wants, for you to grow, deepened his knowledge, and above all, to keep getting better and better.
At seven (year A) and eight o'clock (year C) On Sunday ordinary you hear in church Christ's call to you, that you would follow God the Father in love for everything, what created. How do you answer that call ?
God loves you and others. How are you for them ? God forgives everyone. Can you forgive a friend?, brother ? Christ's invitation, that you do like God the Father, let it remind you of a song :
“Where is mutual love and goodness,
There you will find a living God.
Christ's love has brought us together,
Let us rejoice in him and be glad.
Let us sincerely love God,
Let us love one another from a pure heart.
Where mutual love and kindness,
There you will find a living God.
Since we all gather here,
Let's beware of this, what separates us.
Let all anger and strife cease,
And let Christ be in our midst. Where mutual love and kindness,
There you will find a living God

■ Think:

1. What can you say about God, in which you believe ?
2. What Christ says about God, calling us to care for God's kingdom ?
3. What Christ is calling you to teach about God as Father ?

■ Remember:

14. What Jesus revealed to us about God as our Father ?
Jesus revealed to us, that God is our best and most merciful Father.

15. What Christ calls us to do in teaching about our best Father ?
Jesus Christ is calling us, that we may act like a good and merciful God.

■ Task :

1. In Kazan on the Mount (Mt 5, 6, 7) search for and write these sentences, in which Jesus calls God Father.
2. Read carefully the prayer "Our Father" and write, what it obliges us to do.

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