Jesus Christ proclaims the joyful news of God's Kingdom

Jesus Christ proclaims the joyful news of God's Kingdom

You found out, that the most important truth preached by Jesus Christ was the teaching about the Kingdom of God. Do you know, that the Kingdom of God is God's rule in the world and God's coexistence with people, started on earth through the presence and person of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you would like to know the mystery of God's kingdom better ? The Lord Jesus explains it to us in parables.

The parable of the treasure and the pearl - the value of the Kingdom of God

“The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. A man found it and hid it again. Overjoyed, he went, he sold everything, what he had, and bought the role. The kingdom of heaven is still like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one precious pearl, he went, he sold everything, what he had, and bought her " (Mt 13, 44-46).
In both parables, the Lord Jesus shows us, what a great value for man is the Kingdom of God. It is our most precious gift - a found treasure and a precious pearl.
Hence, in the Gospel of St.. Matthew, we find encouragement : “Strive first for the Kingdom (God) and for his righteousness " (Mt 6, 33). To obtain it, one must be ready for sacrifices and sacrifices. Who wants to possess the kingdom of God, he should do God's will : "Not everyone, who tells me : «Lord, Lord », will enter the kingdom of heaven, but this one, who does my Father's will, who is in heaven " (Mt 7, 21).
When in 17 Sunday in ordinary time (year A) you will hear this parable in the church, remember, that Christ also calls you to seek, above all else, the kingdom of God in your life and in the world.

The parable of the sower - the word is the beginning of the kingdom of God

If God's Kingdom is such a precious gift for us, you would surely like to know, where and how do you meet this treasure. The Lord Jesus himself explains it in the parable :
“Behold, a sower went out to sow. And when he sowed, some seeds fell on the road, birds came and pecked them. Others fell on rocky places, where they had little land ; and soon they arose, for the soil was not deep. But when the sun rose, they burned and withered, because they had no root. Others fell among the thorns again, and the thorns knocked them out and choked them. Others eventually fell to the fertile soil and bore a crop, one hundred times, the second sixtyfold, and the other thirty times. Who has ears, let him listen. The disciples came up to him and asked him : "Why do you speak to them in parables" ? He answered them : "You have been given the secrets of the kingdom of heaven" " (Mt 13, 3-11 a).
"Hear then the parable of the sower. To everyone, who hears the word about the kingdom, and she doesn't understand him, comes Bad and grabs it, what is sown in his heart. Such a person means the seed sown on the road. When sown on rocky places this means, who hears the word and immediately accepts it with joy ; but it has no root in it, but it is inconstant. When tribulation or persecution comes because of the word, is about to break down. Sown between the thorns signifies this, who listens to the word, but worldly worries and the illusion of riches drown out the word, so that it remains fruitless. Sown eventually on fertile soil means this, who hears the word and understands it. He also produces a crop : one hundred times, the second sixty-fold, another thirty times " (Mt 13, 18-23).
And today the kingdom of God is revealed to man through the word, which Christ proclaims in the Church at Mass. in this part, which is called "the liturgy of the word". He also proclaims them in other sacraments, especially in the sacrament of baptism and penance, in which conversion takes place. The word of God is also proclaimed by the Church in catechesis.
The Lord Jesus teaches us in the parable of the sower, that the preaching of God's word is necessary, that God's Kingdom may exist on earth. Its development depends on man, from his collaboration with God.

The parable of the mustard grain and the leaven - the growth of the Kingdom of God

“He set another parable to them : “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which someone took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it grows up, it is larger than other vegetables and becomes a tree, so that birds come from the air and nest on its branches ».
He told them another parable : «The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took and put it in three measures of flour, until everything leavened »" (Mt 13, 31-33).
In the parable of the mustard grain and the leaven, the Lord Jesus teaches us, that the Kingdom of God that he had begun would continue to grow, similarly to a small mustard seed, a large bush grows. God's Kingdom will also penetrate deeper and deeper into the minds and hearts of people, like kvass, it permeates a large amount of dough. It will include people of all nations. And it will grow thanks to the inner and invisible strength given to it from God.
In the parable of the mustard seed and the beginning, Christ calls us to constant cooperation with God. Wants, that we may constantly develop the Kingdom of God within us and contribute to the growth of the Kingdom of God in our surroundings. Christ taught about God's Kingdom in other parables. While on earth, Christ had already inaugurated God's Kingdom. It will not be fully complete until the second coming of Christ (Mt 25, 34).

How will I answer God ?

Today you have learned some of Christ's parables about God's Kingdom. You will hear about them in church on Sunday 15, 16 i 17 ordinary (year A). Christ will remind you, that depends on you, whether the seed of God's preached word will bear fruit. He will ask you, how you collaborated with God in spreading God's kingdom within and around you. Christ will make you aware, that the Kingdom of God is God's most precious gift to mankind, and at the same time will call you to the effort, and even victims, that God's reign and perfect coexistence with God and with people may develop in the world.

Ask God to be ready to make the effort to be faithful to Christ's call. At the same time, pray with the words of the prayer dedicated to the Solemnity of Christ the King :

“After taking food, which is the pledge of immortality, we ask you, Lord, that we may be honored to serve under the banner of Christ the King, they could reign with him in heavenly places for ever ".

■ Think:

1. Jakie poznałeś przypowieści o Królestwie Bożym ?
2. Dlaczego Królestwo Boże jest najcenniejszym darem Boga dla ludzi ?
3. Czego Chrystus domaga się od ludzi w przypowieściach o Królestwie Bożym ?
4. Kiedy i gdzie Chrystus głosi dzisiaj naukę o królowaniu Boga ?

■ Remember :

10. Przez co rozwija się Królestwo Boże na ziemi ?
The kingdom of God on earth is developed through the word of God and the holy sacraments.

11. Kiedy Królestwo Boże objawi się w całej pełni ?
God's kingdom will be fully revealed on the day of Christ's second coming.

■ Task :

Try to explain, what does it mean, that the kingdom of God is visible and invisible ? - is on this earth, but not of this earth ?

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