Family community

Family community

Man should be closely related to his family. But is it always so ? Unfortunately ! There are families, which do not attract and do not arouse longing, when you leave them. These are unhappy families, such, who have not been able to create a real bond between their members. There is sometimes talk of such families, that people live in them like in a hotel : they only come home for that, to eat and sleep. Nothing else connects them. Everyone has their own life. Maybe all of this doesn't apply to your own family. But are any of your friends experiencing this kind of tragedy? ? Take a moment to think about it, what you need, that everyone in the house is well, so that they do not feel like a stranger, but together they lived all the matters of everyday life.

"I" or "we" ?

Family is a tiny society. And in society, everyone has their own rights and responsibilities. The rights and obligations correspond to each other and are, as it were, two faces of social life. Who would forget about it and think about it, that he has the right to constantly demand and demand something, and has no obligations, this one brings to life common confusion and misunderstandings. Children have the right to upbringing and support - these are the responsibilities of parents. Parents, on the other hand, have the right to be respected and honored - these are again the responsibilities of children. You can't just ask and take, you also need to be able to give it, what belongs to others, it means : you have to fulfill your duties. This is the first principle of harmonious family life. Who forgets about her, this contributes to the breakdown of the family community. But it is not everything. You have to keep this in mind when living together, that we only deal with people. And people don't just have advantages, but they also have disadvantages, they make mistakes. Therefore, mutual understanding is essential for good relations with people. Who can be understanding of other people's weaknesses, does not condemn the other for anything, ,he is patient, this contributes greatly to maintaining a good atmosphere at home.

The family consists of people of different ages and interests. Older people are interested in something else, and what else is passionate about young people. If someone in the family cannot understand it and selfishly imposes his tastes and preferences on others, becomes the cause of many quarrels and unrest. This applies to both everyday matters, how : machinery, entertainment, meals, furnishing the apartment, as well as the more important ones, more essential, how : state selection, companion in life, work etc.. Therefore, the second principle of living together is mutual understanding in matters of life.

Think about it again, how difficult it would be to live in a family, if it lacked mutual trust. Trust, on the other hand, is based on honesty. Any lie, hypocrisy, insincerity destroys mutual trust. So living together, also family, there is also a third principle : mutual trust.

Here is the answer to the question, what you need, that the family may be a community. Need to give, not just take, you need to understand each other and have confidence in each other.

"Love Withstands Everything"

If the three above-mentioned principles of living together are to be realized, love is necessary. For love determines it, can we give, not just take. Only love is the basis of mutual understanding, and only on love can mutual trust be based. Unfortunately, people don't want to, or maybe they do not know how to love each other and that is why we meet unhappy families.
In the Church, we constantly hear the call to love. Here is one of the most beautiful passages from Scripture. talking about the mystery of living together - about love :

"Love is patient, she is kind.
Love does not envy, he is not looking for applause, he is not proud; shamelessness is not allowed,
he is not looking for his own, he is not angry, he doesn't remember bad, he does not enjoy the injustice, but rejoices in the truth.
He can take everything,
believes everything, he hopes in everything,
he will survive everything.
Love never stops…” (1 Disease 13, 4-8a).

We are baptized. God has given us his love. That is why he calls us, that we overcome our selfishness and build our family life on mutual love. Every Christian family, living the love of Christ, it should be a leaven and a signpost for families looking for a path to true happiness.

How will I answer God ?

Ask yourself a question : and how is it in my family ? What role do I play in it? ? Am I not a source of new misunderstandings sometimes ? What must I avoid, what to unlearn, and what should i get, to create a real family community ?
True sacrificial love is not easy. Therefore, I will often ask God for light and strengthening in doing good :

,,God, You make, that for those who love you, everything is for the best, give our hearts the steadfast feeling of your love, so that no experience can stifle your desires, which come from you " (Prayer for Love - Roman Missal).

■ Think :

1. What are the basic rules of living together in a family ?

2. What is the basis of the life of a family community ?

3. What are the characteristics of love that St.. Paul ?

4. What a Christian family should be like to other families ?

■ Remember :

7. When the family is a true community according to God's mind ?
The family is a true community according to God's mind, when each of its members cares for the common good, and not just your own.

■ Task :

1. Consider, how can you now fulfill the invocation of St.. Paul (1 Disease 13, 4-8) in the life of your family ?
2. Arrange the requests for the Prayer of the faithful, relating to the needs of the modern family.

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