Prayer to St.. Rity

Prayer to St.. Rity augustiankithe prayer of Saint Rita

St.. Rita she is a patron of hopeless matters. We turn to her in difficult situations, when we are unable to cope with …

What is the book of Psalms

What is the book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms is a collection 150 religious songs. These are wonderful hymns of praise, songs of supplication, penitent, didactic, patriotic – religious …

How to pray the rosary

How to pray the rosary

The rosary is a prayer, which is one of the texts that praise the Blessed Virgin Mary. Its origins date back, until the Middle Ages.

You must have a rosary to say this prayer, …

Prayer for passing the exam

Prayer for passing the exam.

Academic Thanksgiving Prayer.

Lord God,
Thank you for this opportunity to gain new skills and broaden your knowledge.
Thank you, that you will guide me through this time of study to …

Prayer intentions to St.. Rity

Prayer intentions to St.. Rity.

To, for what we want to pray to St.. Rity, depends on ourselves. It can be a prayer for health to your loved ones or your own, for success …